CCICADA Organizes COE COVID-19 Supply Chain Meeting

COVID-19 Logistics Response
Lauren Davis, Pitu Mirchandani and Dave Morton
CAOE, The Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency

COVID19 Supply Chain Research
Greg Pompelli, CBTS, Cross-Border Threat Screening and Supply Chain Defense Center

CREATE Contributions to the COE COVID-19 Supply-Chain Initiative
Adam Rose, USC
Richard John, USC
Milind Tambe, Harvard

Supply Chain Workshop
Jim Jones, CINA Director and GMU Volgenau School of Engineering
Louise Shelley,GMU Schar School of Policy and Government
Mehmet Altug, GMU School of Business

COVID-19: Supply Chain Challenges andResearch Opportunities
Benjamin Melamed, Bill McLaury, Fred Roberts, CCICADA

Verifiable Real-Time War-Gaming/Decision Support Tool
M. Siami, M. Sznaier, and M. Silevitch, ALERT COE

Supply Chain Workshop on COVID-19
Randy Kee, Executive Director, ADAC, Arctic Domain Awareness Center, University of Alaska

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