CCICADA Homeland Security News, October 2016

Using Advanced Data Analysis to Prevent Child Sex Trafficking, Combat Zika, Protect Our Online Privacy, and Find Cyber Identity Solutions

TSA Risk Officer Offers ‘Intelligent’ Solution to Airport Security Lines…and Other News

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CCICADA Homeland Security News, August 2016In this issue, we explain how CCICADA and its partners are exploring new frontiers in advanced data analysis to solve homeland security problems.

In our lead article, the chief risk officer for the Transportation Security Administration official says advanced data analytics offers an intelligent way to shorten long airport security lines that are causing delays and missed flights.

In other stories:

  • Preventing Child Sex Trafficking – With help from CCICADA researchers, federal law enforcement officials have developed a powerful new software tool to combat child sex trafficking. Read
  • Combating Zika – Lessons learned from the successful fight to contain Ebola can be applied to efforts to combat the Zika virus. Read
  • Differential Privacy – What is Differentially Private Anomaly Detection and why are two Rutgers University faculty researching its potential as a privacy tool? Read
  • Getting a ‘Secure’ Education – Howard University students have gain valuable research experience, PhD help, and a post-doctoral fellowship with CCICADA’s support. Read
  • Cyber Identity Solutions – Lockstep Technologies’ Stephen Wilson takes us deep inside the Kantara Initiative to achieve speed, privacy and security in verification of cyber identities. Read

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Margaret (Midge) Cozzens, CCICADA Education and Communications Director
James Wojtowicz, CCICADA Managing Director

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