2016 Reconnect Workshop – June 12-18, 2016

The Reconnect 2013 workshop was held at Morgan State University on water infrastructure and risk analysis. The Reconnect 2013 workshop was held at Morgan State University on water infrastructure and risk analysis.

Mathematical and Computational Tools for Cyber Security

Where: West Point, US Military Academy

When: June 12 – 18, 2016

Presented under the auspices of CCICADA and the DIMACS Special Focus on Cybersecurity.

About Reconnect Workshops

The CCICADA Summer Reconnect Workshops expose faculty teaching undergraduates to the role of the mathematical and computer sciences in homeland security and provide an opportunity to researchers in government or industry to learn about new research in various areas. Topics are presented in a week-long series of lectures and activities; participants are involved in both research activities and in writing materials that can be used in the classroom or to share with their colleagues. Participants may develop materials for publication in the CCICADA Research Reports.

2016 Topic: Mathematical and Computational Tools for Cyber Security

Day 1 will feature Historical Encryption (Caesar to early 1900s) and Encryption Analysis (how to attack ciphers mathematically) to start the program.  As part of encryption analysis, we will discuss the history of the Enigma Machine and bring a real German Enigma machine out of the vault at West Point for participants to see and touch. Unsolved Ciphers in Day 1 will whet participants’ appetites about ciphers that are still unsolved, leading to possible projects/lessons.  Day 2 will feature the Intersection of Game Theory and Cyber, while Day 3 will focus on Machine Learning and Behavioral Characterizations.  The final day of presentations will focus on Policy and Regulations in the Cyber Domain and will feature presentations from the FBI and other agencies.

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Workshop Schedule and Program Agenda

Speakers & Organizers

Hotel & Workshop Locations



  • Chris Arney, D/Math
  • Dr. Aaron Brantly, Cyber Policy Fellow, Army Cyber Institute
  • LTG (Ret) Hernandez, previous Commander of U.S. Army Cyber Command
  • Dr. Ian McCulloh, Chief Scientist (QCR), Applied Physics Laboratory Johns Hopkins University
  • Stephanie Pell, JD, Cyber Ethics Fellow, Army Cyber Institute
  • Dr. Milind Tambe, Professor, University of Southern California
  • MAJ Jim Twist, Research Scientist, Army Cyber Institute
  • Dr. Natalie Vanatta, Research Scientist, Army Cyber Institute / United States Military Academy


  • Dr. Midge Cozzens, Research Professor, DIMACS Center, Rutgers University
  • Natalie Vanatta, MAJ US Military Academy

Hotel Location

The Thayer Hotel

674 Thayer Road
West Point, NY 10996
Toll Free: 800-247-5047
Phone: 845-446-4731

Please contact Christine Spassione (spassion@dimacs.rutgers.edu) for reservation questions.

Workshop Location

Monday – Friday:
Thayer Hall (Room 120)
602 Cullum Road
West Point, NY 10996

Spellman Hall (Room 5-8)
2101 New South Post Road
West Point, NY 10996

Click here for West Point Shuttle information.

For more information, contact: Christine Spassione (spassion@dimacs.rutgers.edu) or Midge Cozzens (midge6930@comcast.net).

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