40 Experts Brainstorm Cyber Identity Solutions at Homeland Security Workshop

Outlines from DHS Research Project Address Issues Like Identity Proofing, Metrics of Trust and Provenance for the Internet of Things

The Cyber Identity (CyDentity) Sandpit Event Meeting Report presents the results of a workshop (see workshop theme) organized and hosted by CCICADA at Rutgers University June 29 – July 1, 2015. The workshop, which explored innovative approaches to issues related to cyber identity, was sponsored by the Cyber Security Division (CSD), US Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate. It brought together 40 cyber security experts from academia, industry, and the public sector (including US, state and local, and foreign government representatives).  Using the “sandpit” methodology, pioneered in the UK, participants immersed themselves in intensive, multi-disciplinary, and highly interactive sessions to conceive and develop innovative approaches to cyber identity issues such as 1) identity proofing in the era of social media and data breaches, 2) provenance for the “Internet of Things,” and 3) metrics of trust. By the end of the workshop, 30 different research project outlines had been developed.  The CSD will use the ideas captured in these outlines as input to its Identity and Access Management Engine (IDAM-E) program to help it ascertain what areas of cyber-identity research to fund to enhance the nation’s security.  Download pdf of report

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