Loss to the CCICADA Community

It is with sadness that CCICADA shares the news that we have lost a researcher, colleague, and friend. Rutgers University professor Dr. Paul Lioy, an eminent environmental scientist, widely known for his analysis of the dust spawned by the Sept. 11th World Trade Center attacks and for his studies on its health effects over time, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. Despite his many roles and research successes, Paul remained grounded in the importance of genuine relationships and being part of the university community.

Professor Lioy was committed to the success of CCICADA from its outset and was the CCICADA representative from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ. He maintained this role as the school transitioned to become the Rutgers Medical School. Starting shortly after the September 11 attacks, Paul and CCICADA Director Fred Roberts were founding Co-Directors of the NJ Universities Homeland Security Research Consortium. Together they collaborated on many activities with the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, including the formation of an OHSP-sponsored “Preparedness College.”

Dr. Lioy was Vice Chair of the Department of Environmental & Occupational Medicine, RWJ Medical School and Director of Exposure Science and Deputy Director of Government Relations at the Rutgers Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences Institute,Dr. Lioy worked with CCICADA on studying plume modeling, movement of plumes as they might affect a large gathering place, and on various threats to the transportation system.. He also worked with CCICADA on the Hippocrates project that ported NJ Department of Health and Senior Services software to smart phones to aid first responders in real-time information and situational awareness sharing.

Additional information can be found at: Rutgers University:


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Please join CCICADA in extending our thoughts and prayers to his wife and family at this difficult time. There is no question that Paul has had lasting impact on the work of CCICADA and more significantly, on all of us who had the opportunity and pleasure to know him and work with him. Farewell Paul, you will be missed.

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