CCICADA Director Roberts Attends the US Coast Guard’s Change-of-Command Ceremony


Admiral Paul F. Zukunft was appointed the 25th Commandant of the US Coast Guard.

May 30, 2014 – CCICADA Director Fred S. Roberts attended the ceremonial appointment of Admiral Paul F. Zukunft as the 25th Commandant of the US Coast Guard (USCG).

Roberts was invited as a result of CCICADA’s long-standing homeland security partnership with the US Coast Guard on projects such as fisheries enforcement and effective allocation of USCG resources such as boats and planes.

The US Coast Guard Change-of-Command Ceremony, which has a history and tradition dating to the 1800s, was held at the USCG headquarters at the St. Elizabeth campus in Washington, DC. Admiral Zukunft replaced Admiral Robert J. Papp Jr., who retired after a long and distinguished Coast Guard career.

CCICADA—designated as a University Center of Excellence by the US Department of Homeland Security—has built a strong collaborative Homeland Security Enterprise partnership with the USCG, working closely on issues and concerns that impact USCG operations, management and planning.

Among the many UCSG-CCICADA projects are:

• The Boat Allocation Module (BAM Phase I and II), used to determine the optimal allocation of USCG boat assets;
• The Aviation Capability & Capacity Assignment Module (ACCAM), which assists in the optimal allocation of aircraft assets;
Fisheries Law Enforcement, which reviewed current USCG ship-boarding rules and recommended enhancements to scoring protocols; and
• The Arctic Project, which is researching how to best prepare assets for response to emergencies in a challenging and changing Arctic environment.

Future research will focus on the identification of mitigation strategies of certain risk factors associated with USCG mission responsibilities as well as maritime cyber security.

CCICADA truly appreciates its working relationship and friendships made with the USCG, and Dr. Roberts felt especially privileged and welcomed to be part of the time-honored Change-of-Command Ceremony.

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